Q. - Who can travel on military fares?
A. - Active duty U.S. military personnel and active duty reservists on authorized leave or pass, or their spouse and children, traveling at their own expense may travel on military fares offered by U.S. airlines. Discharged military personnel must complete all travel within 7 days of discharge date. Valid active duty U.S. green identification card or separation orders must be presented.

Q. - Are these fares available on other web sites?
A. - In general, most travel web sites do not offer military fares.

Q. - How much can I save when I book a military fare?
A. - The specific discount varies depending on a number of factors including availability and time of year, but when available, military fares are typically 30% to 70% lower than available commercial fares.

Q. - Are military fares available on every flight?
A. - Not always, sometimes there are no military fares available for the dates, route or airline you have selected. In general, airlines allocate the military fares to their more popular routes with the most traffic.In these situations, we will return the lowest commercial fares available.

Q. - When is the best time to book a military fare?
A. - While military fares are available on many routes most of the time, the discount over commercial fares often increases as the departure date approaches. This is because the price of military fares is fixed while the price of the commercial fares is variable and usually increase as the departure date approaches. For example, if you are looking for a flight from Washington Dulles (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX) leaving in six months the difference between the military fare and the commercial fare might not be very large. However, if you are looking at the same flights leaving within the next seven days, the military fare will have remained low while the commercial fare will have increased significantly so the savings can be as much as 70%.

Q. - Are military fares always the lowest fare available?
A. - Not always, sometimes there are special offers which make commercial fares less expensive than military fares. In this situations, we will return the commercial fares along with the military fares so you can always see the lowest fare for the route you selected.

Q. - Is there a penalty to cancel a military fare?
A. - In most cases military fares are non-penalty fares which can be cancelled or changed without incurring a penalty fee from the airline. Most airlines charge a penalty fee of $200 to changes or cancel flights so booking a military fare can also save you a significant amount of money if you need to change your plans after you have booked.

Q. - How come you charge a service fee?
A. - Our service fee allow us to cover the cost of maintaining this site and allows us to offer you superior customer support, whether you book online or call and speak with one of our staff.

Q. - What about baggage fees?
A. - Most airlines have started charging baggage fees for checked luggage. The specific fee varies by airline (see list here).

Please note: If you are traveling on a military fare some airlines will waive the baggage fee so make sure to ask when checking in.