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Military Service Members and their dependents routinely receive some of the best deals in all of the Aviation Travel World. 

1. Military Airline Fares are offered by most domestic airlines and are significantly less than the normal airfares offered to the general public. Unlike normal airfares you find on the internet which can vary greatly from day to day, Military Discount Fares are generally held constant until all of the seats that the airline wants to sell to military members and their dependents are gone.

2. Until and its partners recently developed our Military Discount Airfare Search Tool, you would have to call each airline and ask what their airfares were.  Now you can book your flights using our simple booking tool which allows you to see the military airfares across most domestic airlines!

3. Military personnel and their dependents can use Space Available military flights called "Military Hops" for free! But they are not appropriate for everyone!

4. Keep in mind that there are differences between Government Airfares and Military Discount Airfares. 
  • Government Fares are usually negotiated annually by the Government Services Administration with the various airlines at an airport bidding to provide the government seats at a set price. Typically they are for Official Travel only
    but some airlines will allow military personnel on leave to utilize these fares.  They have the advantage of being changeable without penalty but there is usually only one airline that sells seats on a particular route.
  • Military Fares are those fares that are set aside for military personnel on leaveThese are not always the lowest fares available
    and are usually offered at a discount to the regular fares and sometimes the Government Fares. Again, they can be changed without penalty (which is their great advantage). however nor are they a set contracted price like the Government Fares are. Each airline may sell seats over the Internet at a lower price in order to fill up a plane earlier and often those seats cost less than the Military Fare bought closer to the day of the flight.

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