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Welcome to The New and Improved where Active Military and Reserve personnel can save hundreds of dollars on airline tickets for themselves and their dependents.

Many travel websites claim to offer Military Discount Airfares but they don't have a search engine that allows you to access those fares.  However since 2002 has helped military families find actual Military Discount travel bargains.  Now our new Website eases the process of saving money on off-duty travel even further.  You no longer have to call each individual airline during their "Regular Working Hours" to find out if they offer a Military Discount Airfare on a particular flight.  Our improved search engine looks for those fares automatically!

How it Works:

The chart to the right gives an example that shows how pricing airline seats usually works. Further out (when few seats ares old) regular airfares may actually cost slightly less than the military fares but as the departure date closes in and civilian seats begin to be sold their price begins to rise. However the Military Fares remain the same!

Domestic airlines offer military discount fares for off-duty personnel on most flights which can save you 20% to 50% off the Regular Airfares and up to 65% in some cases.  Our search engine specifically allows you to look through those military fares to find the best bargain.  However, there are limited military seats available on each flight (as the chart shows) so we suggest that you purchase your ticket sooner rather than later in order to avoid having to switch to the higher Regular fares. In addition, by purchasing a military fare ticket airlines often waive checked bag fees, cancel fees, and change fees.

Sometimes certain flights will not carry a military discount and/or there are a limit to the number of military fare seats available on that flight. As the chart shows, once the military seats have been sold then you will have to pay the Regular Airfare to get on a flight. In this case, our search engine will switch from searching military fares and automatically search the regular fares offered to all travelers to find you and your family the next lowest fare. Thus actually gives you the best of all travel options available!

Prices and Dates are for illustration only and are not actual examples.

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